New Software Announcement

In this tutorial, you'll learn more about our new language options now available on the help2type keyboard, as well as three ways you can access the new software.

The first option allows you to do this from the comfort of your own home by following our tutorial in the next video. The second option is to send the keyboard back to us so that we can do the update for you. The third option is to send the keyboard to one of our authorized distributors who will do the update for you. You can find the list of these distributors on our website.

Tutorial Softwareupdate

In this tutorial you will learn how to transfer the software to your keyboard. You will need a laptop, an Android device and a help2type keyboard. Follow the instructions.

Tutorial Language Selection

In this tutorial you will learn how to select the language on your keyboard. You do this by using the key combination cmd, fn and the corresponding number for your desired language. The available options are as follows: 0 for Italian, 1 for English, 2 for Spanish (Spain), 3 for French (France), 4 for German (Germany), 8 for Swiss German and 9 for Czech.

Connect the keyboard via Bluetooth

In this tutorial I help you to connect the keyboard with BlueTooth to your smartphone. Turn on your keyboard, activate BlueTooth , Now Bluetooth shows all devices in your vicinity, connect keyboard from help2type.

Setup the keyboard

In this tutorial we set up the keyboard. The basis is the well-known QWERTZ layout. To make sure that the symbols and special characters are correct, you have to switch the hardware and software keyboard to Swiss German. Select Settings, General, Keyboard, Keyboards and select German Switzerland or French Switzerland QWERTY. Now open e.g. the notes and tap on "next keyboard" at the bottom left. Choose German Switzerland. 

Key assignment

In this tutorial you will learn the key bindings. The basis is the well-known QWERTZ layout. With the function key combined with the space bar, the touch keyboard appears or disappears in IOS on your smartphone. Exciting for you if you want to change the layout or switch to emojis. For Android and Samsung devices please read the section in the user manual. Command combined with the space bar makes the background of the keyboard light up for 5 seconds.

Special characters

In this tutorial you will get to know the special characters. With the function and command key you can write various symbols and special characters.

The attachment

In this tutorial I show you how to attach the keyboard to your smartphone. Hold the thin magnetic disk against the back of the keyboard's plexiglass cover. Position the keyboard according to your needs on the screen. Fold the plexiglass back. Remove the protective paper from the disk. Now press the adhesive strip surface onto the back of your smartphone.

Protective bag

In this video, you'll learn how to safely store your keyboard in its protective case and what mistakes you should avoid.

Navigate on iPhone

In this video you will learn how to navigate on your iPhone between apps and chats with the help2type keyboard. 


In this video, you'll learn how to configure your Android phone with Swiftkey. this is important for the help2type keyboard to work properly.


In this series of 21 episodes, Marcel tells you everything you need to know about founding a start-up. Each topic is brought to you in a funny way.

Note on application

How to write?

The keyboard is optimised for writing with both thumbs. The writing style was copied from today's youth, who intuitively do it this way. The size of your fingers does not matter with this style. Your brain automatically learns where the keys are after about 30 learning units. Other writing styles are possible.



Hold both palms upwards. Bring your hands together until your little fingers touch at the sides. Place the smartphone in your hand with the screen facing upwards. The charging socket must be aligned against the heel of your hand. Place your thumbs on the keyboard. You can now start typing.

The keyboard as it is operated correctly with both thumbs

User manual

Click here to open it