I am almost blind. When I wake up in the morning and want to answer important messages or mails, I miss the train. I'm just too slow with the touch keyboard. Admittedly, I get up too late:-) Yes, there is the dictation function. But who wants to dictate business or love messages in public? I, therefore, developed a solution to this problem. The goal was a compact haptic keyboard that can be attached to a smartphone and with which I can write just as fast as sighted people. 

I presented my project to my employer, Swisscom. Swisscom runs a support program for good ideas and supported my project. help2type was born. Through this program, I got to know the company Creaholic SA in Biel. They invested services at their own risk and created a prototype from my ideas. The prototype proved that the idea worked, but needed to be revised. But unfortunately the budget was already exhausted. During an educational trip to Shenzhen China, through the contacts of a translator, I met the CEO of Trigiants, Jack Lee. Trigiants produces mobile phones for senior citizens. Jack Lee shared that my company would like to support help2type. So Trigiants became the production company.

In the course of the summer, during various amusing situations - such as working in swimming trunks at a campsite in Tenero - investors were found and enthused. With the new funds, money from myself and renewed risk from Creaholic SA, all the research, development and design could be done in Switzerland. Over months, many, many small cogs turned, making my dream a reality. Countless kind-hearted people have contributed to the creation of help2type.

Quality, simplicity and feeling alive are now achievable.

The company

help2type is a limited liability company registered in the commercial register in 2019.

About Marcel

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