BlackBerry users do not despair! help2type is your solution of the future

BlackBerry users do not despair! help2type is your solution of the future

Blackberry was not only known for its high-security standards, but also for its handy keyboards. The first Blackberry smartphones were all developed on the basis of the in-house operating system Blackberry OS. In 2011, they then introduced their new operating system Blackberry 10. In the same year, Blackberry celebrated its peak with 52,300,000 smartphones sold, which corresponds to about 6 times the Swiss population. After this peak, the numbers dropped rapidly, and two years later in 2013, the numbers have dropped to 28'100'000. This corresponds to almost half. This means only 3 times the Swiss population. After the market share had dropped to only 0.1% in 2016, the manufacturer decided to switch to Android after all. In 2018 the last Blackberry model called KEY² LE was released. 


Now the electronics manufacturer TCL announced in a tweet that they will not produce any more Blackberry models, because the license expires and will not be renewed. To comfort the longtime Blackberry users the support is guaranteed for another two years. Some insiders suspect that TCL wants to launch new smartphones with the new 5G technology under its own name. Not even 10 years ago, Blackberry smartphones had cult status and were highly sought after. Even famous people like Barack Obama or Cameron Diaz owned a Blackberry. Now Blackberry is becoming a legend. 


The idea of the haptic keyboard is similar for Blackberry and help2type, which is why we have dealt with this article. No more haptic keyboards? A terrible idea for frequent typists. What if we can offer a solution to this problem? 


help2type is present and future of the tactile keyboard. We jump into the breach of Blackberry. We make it possible to continue to have a tactile keyboard in the future. And not only that, in contrast to Blackberry, which relied only on an operating system, the keyboard of help2type is connectable to any smartphone via Bluetooth. 


This way we offer the possibility of not having to give up everything for a few thousand steadfast Swiss Blackberry users. Thanks to help2type, Blackberry users can still use a haptic keyboard and do not have to switch to touch. The keyboard is attached to the back of the smartphone and can be folded back and forth. The keys are the same as on a laptop keyboard (qwertz). The small keyboard allows all those who want a haptic keyboard or are almost blind to communicate. 


Now the question arises at the end, how could Blackberry go down like this? 


In my opinion, Blackberry made the mistake of not keeping up with the times, so they went with the times. The Blackberry models had a rather older design. I think if they had adapted a little bit to today's designs, they would still be alive. Blackberry was one of the only smartphones that still had a haptic keyboard. This made them stand out and differentiate themselves from the crowd. However, the keyboard was permanently built into the smartphone, this decision limited the smartphone users. Help2type offers a keyboard which is flexible and does not always have to be on the display. This gives the smartphone user more freedom. They can use the keyboard whenever they want and fold it back when they have finished typing. With Blackberry it is over, but help2type is just starting.